Wednesday, October 8, 2014


I found a second job! And a third, and perhaps a fourth...

I few months ago a woman posted on our Grenoble TAPIF Facebook page saying that she was interested in an English-speaking babysitter for her kids, I responded and have kept in contact, and I finally met her today. It's about an hour north of where I live, so it's a little out of my way, but I'm glad I accepted.

I walked toward her house where her daughter was waiting for me. I started to say something in French, then she said "I speak English" in perfect English. I was confused, for a moment I thought she was American. It turns out the whole family lived in Chicago for two years, the parents have them in special English classes, and they try to have anglophone babysitters. I then met with her equally-nice friend who needs an English tutor for her son, and would I be interested in a couple other students because they have some friends who might want lessons. So, looks like I might be making a little extra money, and it's a great way to integrate a little better into France.

So needless to say I'm very happy. I'm fascinated by how perfectly everything seems to be working out here. The housing thing worked out perfectly. The other day I was exhausted and I literally just sat in my bed and vegged out for a few hours, and I realized how at home I felt. I never did that in Montpellier, the rooms were too gross and prison-like. Living with a family gives me a chance to actually improve my French (like I said, I've spoken more French in the last couple weeks than I have in the last seven years). And now this job. She needed someone Wednesdays, I happen to have Wednesdays off.

My only complaint is lack of good coffee and good almond milk, Besides that I'm really liking it here. A lot :)

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