Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Kids

The children. There are a lot of them. I teach six classes Monday, three on Tuesday, and six or seven on Thursday. Each class, like 20 students. That's about 300 humans a week. I will never learn their names, but they have all learned mine. When I walk around the school I constantly hear "Ola!" "Ola, tu vas travailler avec nous aujoud'hui!?"

I was walking out of the gates the other day and a crowd of them swarmed around me and started talking to me, it was really cute.

One girl raised her hand in class and asked me if I came all the way to France just to teach them.
"Oh, c'est gentil!" (That's nice of you!)

I feel a lot more comfortable with the kids than with the adults, to be honest. Haha, probably since my French is about at their level, and kids are less... judge-y, I think. They're honest, sometimes too honest, but not judgmental.

I like them. They're all very interested in me and where I come from, it made me wish  had prepared a better first lesson for them all. I was told the first week would be observation, but when I got in the class I found out the teachers hadn't even started English yet (the kids have been in school for about a month already) and it seems like they expected me to have more planned out than showing them where I'm from, explaining the difference between Washington DC and Washington State, and teaching them "my name is." was a bit awkward.

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  1. They sound like cute kids. I'm glad to hear that :)
    You get to make 300 new friends!