Monday, December 8, 2014

International Dinner

One of the assistants hosted an "international dinner" (basically a pot-luck) tonight. There were some other assistants, a couple French girls, and a girl from Portugal. I spend 95% of my time here with people either under the age of 11 or over the age of 35, so I sort of started thinking that French people my age didn't actually exist. It was really nice to prove that theory wrong. And it also made up for this year's failed Thanksgiving (I'm pretty sure I ate enough to last me the rest of the week.)

And people also complimented my food, which was a big deal considering how self-conscious I am about my terrible cooking.

It made me feel a good way, if that's possible. Up until now, pot-lucks in my mind were this: one person brings the cheapest bread they can find, another person brings a cheap Nutella knock-off product, a third brings some chips, we meet under a tree in a park somewhere because we have nowhere else to go because either we live at home or our apartment is too small, and there you go. But we had real food, like...a chicken and fish and stuff. It was great.

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