Monday, December 15, 2014

Toussaints Pictures Part 2 (updated with Rome pics)

I've decided that the three million photos I put up of my Toussaints break wasn't enough. Chelsea let me steal some of the pictures she took of the trip, here are some of my favorites:



The Aussie we met in the hostel


We had this thing where when we saw a hole, we had to take a picture in it... don't ask

The famous bridge in Florence, the whole thing is lined with ritzy jewelry stores. We are travelers in our 20s...we can't have nice things
View off said bridge

Rome (This is where my camera really sucked, I'm glad Chelsea's was better)

The night we lost our minds and took a million selfies and had a great time

Roman Forum

The dudes outside of St. Peter's
Inside the church

Spanish Steps
Oh hey there Rome

The night of a million weird selfies:

Roman Forum at night

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