Saturday, April 4, 2015


After a week of laying in my bed too sick to even go out and buy myself vitamins along with yet another holiday away from home around the corner, it happened: I got homesick. I've been here for over seven months, and of course I've missed certain things from home every once in a while (the coffee, family, Costco, my bike...) but I can't say I've been homesick.  I tried to find a translation of "homesick" in French, and it seems like it doesn't really exist, all I got was "vouloir rentrer chez soi" (to want to go back home), which isn't the same thing. There have been days when I wanted to go home for a weekend or something but today... geez, I don't know what came over me. I was depressed and lonely and drowning my feelings in cookies and Nutella (I have really bad coping mechanisms).

I'm assuming part of it is just me going crazy from staring at the same four walls all day for a week, once I feel better and can go for a run or something it'll go away. And I guess it happens to everybody eventually. For some it's the first few weeks, for others, apparently, it's seven months in.

For now, I've heard from many sources that Gilmore Girls does wonders for homesick Americans, so ignoring my responsibilities and binge watching it is.

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