Friday, April 17, 2015

Goodbye in Style: sunset dinner on a mountain and expensive pizza

Before I dive into recounting my amazing week traveling through Marseille and Tours...

A few days before leaving for break, a group of us did one last group hike up the Bastille and ate dinner up there as the sun set. The next evening we had what we somehow ended up calling our "Last Supper:" eating at one of the many many pizza places that line the river running through Grenoble (which are rumored to have acted as cover-ups for the Italian mafia's presence there, I can neither confirm nor deny this).  
My umpteenth time up the Bastille and some pizza barely merit a whole post, but the "last" attached to each one of those does. It's happening... it's almost over! I'm assuming that at least some of us will see each other before we all scatter around the globe, but it was probably the last time the whole group got together. oh man these months passed so quickly. Quicker than in Montpellier, and I was only there for four and a half months. 

I also had my own "last (but I hope it's not actually the last, but just in case I'll say it's my last) hike" through my trails (yes, I long ago claimed them as my own) including a visit to the cows. 

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