Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Best Run Ever

I swear, I fall more and more in love with this place every time I leave the apartment. I went out for a run today, but instead of going on the flat sidewalk along the tram line, I went the opposite direction. Close to my apartment there is a huge hill, within a few minutes it becomes a forest, and you're completely surrounded by trees. Twenty minutes later, you're in the countryside. Farms, cows, horses. The trees clear out and behind you see the mountains and it's gorgeous. I kept going, stopped and stared at some cows for a while, kept going, started running down a hill. I would have kept going further but I had been out for an hour, I was starting to get hungry. Plus, I'm in awful shape and it had long before turned into more of a glorified walk than an actual run.

But then I found this little trail just off the road and I couldn't resist, so I went up, kept going for a while. It was totally quite, no one was there, I sang and danced, then exercised a little bit of self-discipline and decided to start heading back.

Figs! Then I found a tree full of figs. Hidden trails and accessible fruit trees: my two favorite things, that's literally all I need to be happy. So after like 20 of those, I wasn't hungry, instead of going home I veered off onto another little road, and all I saw were corn fields and green and mountains and...gah, to borrow an expression I normally hate: I couldn't even...

I hate myself just a little bit for not bringing a camera. There was this tiny little lake at the end of the road, a protected natural area of whatever town I was in. I went there, sat on a dock, stared at a duck, listened to birds.

Then I actually decided to go home. I was about halfway down then first hill when I noticed another trail, so... I got distracted. I climbed up it, and it opened up to this huge field of grass. It was a postcard picture. Definitely going back there to see how far the trail goes.

So now, three hours later, I'm finally back. I'll bring a camera next time. Probably not the most interesting thing to read about, but for me it was heaven.


  1. My favorite part: "I can't even"
    That's adorable.
    Glad to hear you love the place and you didn't get lost for too long (unlike last year).

    1. haha, yeah so far so good. I have a tenancy for getting lost though, so we'll see...