Sunday, September 21, 2014

Surprise Family

Eight years ago I angrily signed up for a French class because the US education system required me to take a foreign language and I wanted to avoid the awkwardness of learning Spanish (with a name like Ola...) I hated it, I felt like I was wasting my time, it seemed even more useless than math. Who would have thought that I was slowly preparing myself for a job abroad? And even more surprising: who knew it would lead me to family? Apparently I have a secret cousin who lives near Grenoble. Surprise!

My grandma was at a family birthday a few months ago, and she told someone that I'm going to Grenoble, they started talking and in the end I had a name and a phone number of someone I was apparently related to.

Despite both my mom and my grandma explaining it several times, I still don't quite get how we're related. Our grandparents were siblings, I think? It's one of those weird cousin once-removed situations that I don't fully understand. Something like that. In any case I called her and we talked and she was really nice (and surprisingly didn't seem freaked out by the strange girl randomly calling her saying "hey there, you don't know me but we're related and I can't wait to see you in a month!")

She invited me over this past weekend to meet her and stay with her and her family. Her husband and her kids (7 and 11) only speak French, so it was more French than Polish...significantly more French, actually. To be honest, after only a few days here a lot of words come faster in French than in Polish, so I didn't mind. I find that I can switch between Polish and English easily, but switching from Polish to French and vice-versa is more challenging, I either speak one or the other or my brain malfunctions. The connections in there get clogged or something. I don't know, leave me alone, I'm not a neuroscientist .

The weekend was great. I watched her daughter's basketball game, I ate dinner with her family, I played with her two kids all day, I went to Coup d'Icare. I saw a part of the country I would have never seen otherwise.

Crazy little monkey

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