Sunday, February 22, 2015

Spain Part 3: Where We Went to Toledo, Saw Pretty Things, and Had Trouble Finding Entrances

I'll just start off by saying I loved Toledo. Ewelina and I took a day trip there from Madrid and even though the city is pretty small (one day is more than enough), it's definitely worth seeing. 

On one of our Madrid days Ewelina and I look a day trip to Toledo, a city declared a UNESCO world heritage site with a rich history to match. I won't bore you with the details (i.e. I don't feel like researching the details), but, among other things, it's known as the place where Christianity, Islam, and Judaism coexisted. 

See photo captions.

One of the most historical cities in Spain, and this is the first thing that greeted us: a vending machine that sells hamburgers. 
View of the city after we walked the complete opposite way. 

I could not get enough of this view

I swear I'm taller than her. 

Wikipedia. We were able to go into a small section of the church (pictures below), but entrance to the full thing was expensive. Honestly, if we would have gone into every cathedral/historical place on our trip we would have had to starve. It did look pretty though.

And then we got to the famous bridge in Toledo. Aaaah it was so gorgeous. I have five billion of the same photo of it, but I couldn't stop myself. 

Jewish quarter sign, with the bridge in the background

Pomegranate trees!

At one point Ewelina wanted to grab a bite to eat. We went into this little restaurant with two tables where she got a sandwich and I got some sort of 1.50 euro special deal, this odd fried bread (I'm pretty sure it was literally just bread fried in pig fat) and a glass of really strong wine.

Toledo was beautiful, so it has that going for it, but it was full of fails. For some reason we kept having trouble finding doors, so we kept walking around buildings which, in the end, just became hilarious. Here we thought we had gone into the Visigoth Museum. We walked up the stairs and winded up in a library, kept walking around the building seeing what looked to be classrooms. But where was all the cool old stuff? 
...turns out we had made a wrong turn and ended up in the university. We sat in this classroom for a while and laughed our butts off. This, my friends, is travel: getting lost. We finally got up and found the dang museum. Or at least, we found where it was supposed to be. Once again we walked around and around and around...and it turned out the place was closed. Once again we laughed out buts off, it was just so ridiculous. 

We visited the Mosque Bab al-Mardum, built in 999-1000
Inside of the mosque

More meat, surprise surprise

And we ended the trip by going up a million stairs. Ewelina was not happy. 

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