Monday, February 23, 2015

Spain part 7: Cordoba, Where We Saw a Heard of Sheep, Laughed Out of Sheer Exhaustion, and Got Lost More Than Usual

Day trip #2 from Sevilla was Cordoba. This was a day before we left and we were both tired. Generally I'm able to power through my exhaustion but even I would have been happy to spend a day in bed, and I think Ewelina felt the same. At one point I was pretty we both lost our minds; she kept bursting out laughing at absolutely nothing, and then I would join her, and then she would laugh harder, and I'm sure we looked completely crazy.

We started our day by almost missing the train to Cordoba. First we missed the bus, then we realized that we had been standing on the wrong side of the road the whole time. Thankfully we ended up getting there with a few minutes to spare.

And then we got there and got lost. Immediately. And we remained lost the whole time. The map we got from the tourism office was completely useless.

Ewelina looking at map trying to find where we were: "Oh I see"
Me: "Oh you figured out where we are?"
Ewe: "No, this map is shit."

At one point we had no clue where we were and ended up near some relatively busy intersection. We plopped down on a little plot of grass in the middle and I laid out the map to, once again, try to figure out where we were. Ewelina proceeded to lay down on said map and used my leg as a pillow, and I burst out laughing thinking about how incredibly pathetic we must have looked to all the people passing by. We were laughing so hard we were crying.

But enough about being lost. We basically stopped using the map and just wandered around, seeing all the pretty things. And then we saw the sheep! We had crossed the main bridge and were walking along the water when all of the sudden we saw a heard of sheep (and a few goats) being led by a herder and his sheepdog. I never thought I'd see something like that so close to a city. It was weird, but I liked it. We ended up sitting and staring at them for a long time.

Cordoba: overall the city has some gorgeous things in the historical center, but honestly, once you get out of the Jewish quarter it feels like a regular city, nothing special. I'd recommend it for half a day maybe. I'm still glad we went, but among all our day trips, I would say it was my least favorite (although the other ones did set the bar pretty high). The bridge was really pretty, and the cathedral was as well. We didn't go in, but even the outside walls were pretty amazing. So I give Cordoba a mild thumbs up.

The Sheep! This was really awesome. 


YES! Honestly my coffee addiction is reaching new heights. 
We found Jesus throwin' up some gang signs. 
Ewelina likes to pick walls. Remember when I said I think she broke in Cordoba? I was taking some pictures and she had kept going ahead of me. I turned the corner and I found her picking at a wall. It was odd. There were many such odd moments. 
Sleepy. We were both pretty dead. 

Old Roman things

More old Roman things. At this point we had left the pretty part of the city and we were barely trudging along, trying to find the cool things on the map we were supposed to see. 

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