Saturday, January 24, 2015

A Little Tram Story

A few days ago a Portuguese assistant hosted another International Dinner. Just like our first one, it  was basically a pot-luck. The first one was really, really great, so I was super excited for this one, I actually made good food, and I never make good food. I got to the tram stop, and one tram drove right by without stopping. I overheard a lady with a stroller talking on the phone: "Ouais, il n'y a plus de tram ce soir" (Yeah, there aren't anymore trams tonight). What? I went over and asked her if she knew what was going on. Apparently someone had been aggressive toward a tram driver and I guess here when that happens, all the drivers are able to go on something of a mini-strike and just...stop. So no trams, no buses, no warnings, nothing. I slumped back home with my big bowl of food (which I ate for every meal for the two following days) and stayed in. I don't quite understand this mentality. There are young kids who take the tram from one place to another, there are people that are an hour away from home, and what are they supposed to do? I could possibly understand if they got mad, put out a warning that night, and then didn't run for a couple of hours the next day. But just stopping like that, when a whole city and it's suburbs depend on the public transportation system? C'est quoi ca!?

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