Sunday, January 11, 2015

Galette des Rois - King's Cake

Last Sunday the people I live with invited me to have a slice of Galette des Rois - king's cake - with them to celebrate le Jour des Rois, or L'Epiphanie, which commemorates the coming of the Three Wise Men.

The cake itself is made differently according to region, but here it's a puff pastry filled with almond paste and it's dangerously good. No matter what the specific recipe is, the important part is the fève, which is a little ceramic trinket in the cake, whoever gets the slice with the fève is the king or queen for the day and is supposed to wear a crown.

The next day I had a private lesson, and the family gave me more cake. A few weeks ago after our English lesson the girl told me her and her mom decided they were going to bake one typical French dessert every week and asked if I would be interested in taking home a little bit each time. Do I want you to give me cake? Why do you even have to ask? So they've been fattening me up, and last week's weapon on choice was Galette des Rois.

And then the next day when I babysat, guess what they offered me?

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